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Special Accommodations Seating


Special Accommodations Seating for Guests

Seating for guests who need special accommodations due to hearing impairment, wheelchair use or mobility limitations is available for the ceremony. Guests with special accommodation needs should follow the signs for the special accommodations seating check-in area located directly at the main entrances.

An usher will escort those who need special accommodations seating to the appropriate seating area. Because special seating is limited, only one family member may accompany the guest with a disability into the special seating area. Additional guests will be directed to sit in the general seating area. Handicapped parking spaces are available in the Arena’s garage. (The Hopkins Place entrance is the best drop-off point for the mobility impaired.)

 Please Note: The Arena is a large facility and a considerable distance must be traveled to get to all of the seats. Guests for whom walking distances is difficult are strongly encouraged to rent a wheelchair for the day. Wheelchairs will not be available at the Arena. Please consult the “medical equipment and supplies” listings in the Yellow Pages.